We would simply not be able to use the internet if routers were not invented. Back in the 1990’s routers used to look like big boxes and had a pretty bulky form factor. Nowadays, we have routers that are the size of a tablet and are capable of doing so much more.

The main function of a router is to direct traffic on the internet. When you look up anything on the internet, that data is presented to you in the form of packets. These data packets travel from one router to another until it reaches the destination. Through the years, this speed of data transfer has changed.

Netgear brings to you the state of art routers for the ultimate performance. All our routers have an aesthetic, sleek, and stealthy design. Like the design, the performance is also pretty slick. Netgear routers can be used both at home and the office.

The best part about Netgear routers is that they are very simple to set up. Our newest line of routers – “Nighthawk pro gaming XR500” has taken the world of routers by storm. Since the router is built on the lines of improving gaming performance, it looks very stealthy and futuristic.

All Netgear routers are powered by DumaOS. It the most advanced and powerful network management platform. The integration of DumaOS into Netgear routers have made network management so very powerful and efficient. Gaming is an intensive task requires high network speed. Our Nighthawk line is perfect for hardcore gamers and since the router is loaded with high-end specs, it can easily handle routine tasks like web surfing, e-mails and so on. XR500 is our flagship router and comes with 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 2.6Gbps Wi-Fi for gaming and streaming simultaneously, 1.7GHz dual-core processor for ultimate wired and wireless performance, 4 antennas for supreme speed, and additional DFS channels for lag-free gaming.

It is pretty clear that we have the best line of routers. With Netgear routers, you will be able to stream HD videos without buffering, play games without any lag, and all the more fast browsing. Netgear routers give you the functionality to restrict the data usage by your children. Also, you can be sure that your children are not exposed to content which is not appropriate for their age.

Almost all devices need an internet connection, be it mobiles, laptops, smart TV’s, home security cameras, or set-top boxes. If all of these devices access request data at the same time, the speed of the router becomes very slow. But that is not the case with Netgear routers. Netgear routers give you the speed when you need it. Our routers are best in the business and have gained outstanding reviews from both users and critics. IGN picked our Nighthawk XR500 as the best gaming router of all time. Apart from IGN, Netgear routers have been critically acclaimed by Forbes, KitGuru, PC Gamer, Tech Advisor, and Cnet.